Who We Are

Blinkware is proud to be the inventors of a revolutionary patented software that is redefining industries through optical recognition technology utilising mainstream 2D cameras.

Blinkware Technology founded in 2013 is a revolutionary pioneer and pre-eminent provider of disruptive technology with key strengths in digital media, creative interactive systems, optical quality control and facial biometrics platforms. Pioneering as an innovative new media technology provider, Blinkware’s capability has compounded over the years with advanced skillsets in machine learning and artificial intelligence enabling the organisation to venture into new technologies including optical quality control, facial biometrics and surveillance integrated with mainstream 2D cameras.

With a plethora of worldwide clients, multiple international accolades under our belts and high profile international investors, Blinkware is placed amongst the top of its breed across the ASEAN and recognised for our outstanding talent, culture and passion that defines what we are today and shapes us towards the future.

Our Mission

To spearhead a new era of disruptive technology through a unique integration of in-house developed solutions that integrates with our very own patented optical recognition software the first of its kind in the region offering clients the opportunity to innovatively and creatively deploy effective solutions without the need for expensive hardware or proprietary devices delivering sustainable and scalable growth.

Our Vision

To provide a platform to evolve and embed Optical Recognition Technology into every day products. Our technology breathes new depth into the users experience by utilizing “natural movements and expressions” to control daily peripherals and systems, empowering simplicity in our workplace, residence and society with a passion to improve the overall quality of life between humans and our environment.

The People

The management of Blinkware Technology is under the perusal of key strategic positions which enables he company to operate dynamically and focused, while ensuring scalability in future developments, product management, user experience and breakthrough innovation.